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Kati & dogs
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Everything what do you need to know about dogs
About Me
My Pets
Golden Retriever

I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.

My "former" pets

I had a lot of animales. 
My first pet was Mau-Mau - a tramp cat. I found him on the garden.
Than, I had a tramp dog but for only two days. I called him Lessie.
My third pet was a little white cat, but two weks after I get it - puf.
Somebody run  over her :(
Than, I get two orange cats. One of them died soon - somebody run over him :(
The other was a real tramp - he just came, eat and left. Our neighbours started to care for him. They TAKE him away from me :(
Before those two cats I get four fish.
22nd December, 2003 - the most wonderfoul day in my life. I get a dog - a golden retriever! Now, he's 15 months old.
Soon, Don ( my doggy's name) bring us a rottweiler Rex. We soon find his owner and give him his dog back :)
There was many dogs who had found a shelter on our garden - so many that I don't remmemabr all of them...


About "my light in the dark night"

My light in the dark night is my Golden Retriever Don, but I call him Doni. Here is something about him: 
He's my best friend
(well "animal friend")
He's 15 months old now.
He was born on 17th
October, 2003. I like
him as much as I can
so I think that I'm his
favourite family relative.